Manchester Pie

Manchester pudding


Bring milk to boil with zest, allow to cool
Add the butter and sugar and bring to a gentle simmer
Add the breadcrumbs and stir in the 4 egg yolks and2 eggs which have been whisked together.
Put into 4 ramekins (if you haven’t got ramekins you could use tea cups as long as they are oven proof)
These need to be placed into a deep tray with water in the tray about half way up the pots.
Bake in a medium oven around 175°C for about 30 mins. Allow to cool slightly and clean the pots.
Whisk up the whites in a clean bowl gradually adding the 220g sugar to form a meringue
Add some gooseberries to each pot (any flavour jam if you haven't gooseberries) 
Spoon or pipe on the meringue to each pot and return to a hot oven 190° to brown the meringue (a blow torch could be used)