'No chance' of Stamford streetlights being turned back on

There's 'no chance' of streetlights in Stamford being switched back on throughout the night, according to the leader of the council.

Martin Hill's pledged to stick to his guns on the controversial policy, which has seen the lights go out late in the evening, despite fears that it would lead to an increase in crime. 

The lights come on at dusk as normal, but then turn off after midnight in a bid to save energy. Many of our streetlights have also been converted to use more efficient LED bulbs.

Its led to a backlash from many local people, with some claiming to have picked up injuries in the pitch black when walking home. Other are worried it makes it easier for criminals to target homes and individuals.

Councillor Hill says they won't be going back on the policy, as its already saved Lincolnshire County Council £1.7 milion.

However, he has promised that a review will consider whether some of the lights in busy areas could be switched back on, especially near factories with shift working patterns.

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