Proms go ahead at Burghley tomorrow, Riverside off on Meadows

BATTLE PROMS – the annual spectacular at Burghley takes place tomorrow night, opera singer Denise Leigh joined me to tell us about what this year has in store. Well done to all our winners this week, hope you enjoy it

RIVERSIDE OFF - for the first time I can remember, Stamford's annual music festival has been cancelled due to the weather.  Stamford Arts Centre say they'll offer a full refund if you bought tickets from them, from Monday

PHOTOCARD LICENCE – mine expires in a couple of weeks, you need to pay £20, and supply a new photo. I don't look any different!!

FAR TOO MANY OLYMPIANS WENT TO PUBLIC SCHOOL – says David Cameron who says the barriers must be broken down. There have been many great sportspeople who've come through our public schools around here, such as athlete Iwan Thomas who went to the boys school, and then of course all the great cricketers and rugby stars from Oakham

FIGHTING THE FLAB? More than half of firefighters are overweight, according to a study by Loughborough University. Similar research in the States has found that this coupled with the stress of the job poses an increase risk of heart disease

CARD SURCHARGE ON FLIGHTS TO BE SCRAPPED BY MANY LOW COST AIRLINES – if I book a flight online, I always think ‘how else can you pay'? It follows pressure from the office of fair trading to do away with additional charges, mainly for debit cards, although it could cap credit card charges to 2%

FANCY AN ANDY MURRAY WASHED DOWN WITH A PAUL WELLER? – celebrity rhyming slang is sweeping the nation apparently, and it's been updated. Andy Murray – Curry, Paul Weller- Stella, Britney Spears – beers, Basil Fawlty – Balti, and if you're in a Ronan Keating, you're in a meeting! Topical tune with West St Garage, Stamford?

VULCAN IN THE SKIES OF RUTLAND – we think it was getting its airworthiness for Fairford this weekend, spotted by many listeners yesterday

MYSTERY VOICE – worth £30 tomorrow morning with David Ross at 10.30am, hear the voice and check the wrong guesses at



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