No need to read the ever so small print soon

Posted By Rob Persani Wednesday, 25th July 2012 3:32pm

OLYMPICS KICKS OFF LATER – with the women's football, but the official opening ceremony isn't till Friday. Today we hear from Carley Ann Stenson and Dean Chisnall from Shrek, who are asking you to support the West End through the Games.

SHED CAFE OPENS TODAY – from 10am-1.30pm drinks and snacks will be served at the Shed, part of Oakham Baptist Church

SMALL PRINT WON'T BE SO SMALL – the Law commission is closing loopholes that allow information on extra charges and restrictions on things like mobile phone contracts, flights and gym memberships to be buried in mass of small text. Instead any important info will have to be prominently displayed. Do you just tick the box to say you've read the terms and conditions? Topical tune with West St Garage, Stamford? Rob from Casterton gave us Talking Loud & Clear by OMD

MOTH INVASION – the recent cold weather where people put the heating back on, and closed windows has led to lots more clothing moths laying eggs, which are expected to hatch anytime now. Places like the South east and the Olympic village are expected to have lots of garments nibbled from the 9000 wardrobes they have

END OF TERM GIFTS FOR TEACHERS GET DECLARED – a council in the North West says teachers receiving vouchers for spa days, tiffany bracelets, mulberry handbags and even large bouquets must declare them. In fact, any gift over £10 must be recorded. 86% of parents buy a gift for their child's teacher, and 1 in 3 spend over £10.

MYSTERY VOICE – on £80 tomorrow. It's not Noel Gallagher, Sir Alex Ferguson or Freddie Flintoff



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