Curtain Up on St George Society

VACANCIES AT RUTLAND SOCIETY OF ST GEORGE - they have an upper limit of 200 members, and for the first time in their 39 year history there a few spaces for new members.  There's no commitment other than to be free for the celebration 4 course dinner on the night of 23rd April which also includes readings and songs from St George and William Shakespeare who was born and died on the same day.  It's men only, although some of the women who are members partners often get together separately on the night.  Call Mark Nicholls on 01572 757416 if you'd like to find out more.

VITAMIN D - with the amount of colds around, there are calls to add Vitamin D to food such as milk and bread.  It's naturally occuring in oily fish amongst other foods.

OPENING NIGHT - curtain up for the first time at The Sorcerer's Apprentice tonight at Brooke Priory School Theatre with the Rutland Arts Theatre Society at 7.30pm, they continue till Saturday when there's also a matinee, and tickets are just £5 adults, £3 children, from, Colemans on Oakham High Street and on the door.  Also the Deeping Gang Show opens tonight at The Deepings School, again until Saturday and with a matinee too.  Dracula the panto returns tonight at Kings Cliffe Village Hall, again into the weekend, but without a matinee.  Details of all these in the events section on our website.

20 YEARS OF RUTLAND - the big day when independence returned was 1st April, and there are celebrations all day at Oakham Castle, a fun run For Rutland at the Rutland Showground at 9 in the morning, the unveiling of a Jeffrey Hudson statue with Oakham In Bloom at lunchtime, and a concert with the Rutland Choral Society in the evening.  There's also a showing of Songs of Praise when it was in Oakham at All Saints Church on 2nd April, and in Uppingham the Rotary have a celebratory dinner at the Falcon on 1st April.  We'll be covering the day on air too, with reports from the events and special features looking back on the independence.  In the Rutland Times today, Joyce Lucas remembers a march in 1974 to try and stop the county being dissolved into Leicestershire.  Do you remember it?

LEICESTER COMEDY FESTIVAL COMES TO MELTON FROM TONIGHT - 3 days of entertainment which starts with Jon Richardson.  The UK pun championships were held at the Festival in Leicester on Monday, for me the king of puns is Tim Vine, who once sat opposite me when he'd been to open the new youth facilities at Oakham Baptist Church.  We chatted live, one of my favourite ever interviews, tears of laughter streaming down my face.

MYSTERY VOICE - worth £40 later with Lydia, it's not James Blunt

TOMORROW - I'm live in the studio from 6 till 9, then Rob Wagstaff brings you Classic Hits.  That should give me time to head to Stamford Arts Centre, where we're live from 10-midday for the Family Open Day.  Artist Tim Mann is officially launching his new work involving 10,000 people from Stamford, I'll be helping him kick it off.



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