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Every Monday lunchtime at 12:30, catch health tips and advice from local experts.


July It's all about podiatry this month with Nicola Blower from Walkrite Peterborough and Tallington.


Heel Pain

What is podiatrist?


June Is your child having problems sleeping? Paediatric Occupational Therapist Ellie Clarke has advice on getting a good night's rest. 

Support you can get

How to spot a sleeping difficulty

Sleep Hygiene


May It's all about Eye Care with James Alexander from Simmons Optometrists, Oakham.




April Healthy eating and fitness tips from Rosemary Conley.

Cutting back on the snacks

Exercising at home

Rosemary's advice on healthy eating


March Find out more about the Cancer Care and Support Groups in Stamford and Rutland.

Dove Cottage Hospice

Hollyhocks, Stamford

Rutland & Melton



February  This month we're exploring Dental Care with Ruby Mahal, dentist and director of JDRM Dental Care in Oakham.

Dental Care for Children

Signs of Mouth Cancer

Signs of Gum Disease

Brushing and Flossing