Say Thank You

We’re on a mission to say thank you to all those who are working hard at the moment, providing vital services at this challenging time in our lives.

We want to hear YOU saying thank you!  You can say thank you to whoever you like, just make sure you include the following information:

Your name
Where you are from
Who you are saying thank you to (include a name if applicable)

Here’s an example of the kind of thing we are looking for: “I’m Rob Persani from Stamford and I’d like to say thank you to all the NHS Doctors, Nurses and Carers”.

Simply record a short clip on your phone (no longer than 10 seconds) and send it to us using the form below. 
Alternatively, within our FREE app, click the button in the top right of the screen and you can click 'Record A Message'.  Just make sure that Rutland Radio is not playing before you hit record.  Oh, and when you're finished, don't forget to hit Play on Rutland Radio.

Guide to recording on an iPhone using Voice Memos.

We recommend Easy Voice Recorder for Android.

This is just for our info, should we need to get in touch with you.

Please only submit if you are happy to be featured on the radio.

Please note: we may not be able to use every recording that’s sent to us. We will be running a series of those sent over the coming weeks so keep listening out for your thank you message.

It’s not possible for us to say when each message will be played. They will be played a number of times (not just once) so keep listening!

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