Whiskey and Marmalade Brioche Pudding

Whiskey and Marmalade Brioche Pudding

Loaf of brioche

50g butter

6 eggs

1 litre whipping cream

200g sugar

½ jar of marmalade


1. Slice the brioche lengthways and spread with marmalade and butter on each layer


2. Whisk eggs with the sugar


3. Boil the cream, when boiled mix with the whisked eggs


4. Pour over brioche and leave for 30 mins


5. The brioche needs to be cooked in a water bath, filled half with water and cook at 160 degrees.


6. If you use warm water and the cream when hot it should take 45 minutes. If cold water and cold cream is used then it will take 3 hours.


7. Pour Whiskey and marmalade into a pan and boil


8.Brush the whiskey marmalade over the brioche.


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