Cheese & Char Grilled Red Pepper Wrap

With school packed lunches in mind try this to tempt children – or grown ups too, full of lovely flavours.

These can be made the night before.  
1 red pepper
1 tortilla wrap 
100g/4oz cream cheese use a low fat variety
few lettuce leaves
10 mint leaves shredded


1.    Cut the pepper in half remove seeds and stalk and cook under a pre-heated grill until the skin is charred.  Place in a bowl cover and allow the pepper to cool slightly then remove the skin and cut into strips.

2.    Warm the tortilla in a frying pan for about 15 seconds or heat for the same amount of time in a microwave. Spread with the cream cheese, pepper strips lettuce and mint leaves.

3.    Roll the wrap tightly, cut in half on a diagonal wrap in cling film and pack in a lunch box. 

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