Hundreds of firearms surrendered to Lincolnshire and Leicestershire Police

Some of the weapons seized, including the Boer War era shotgun (bottom)

106 guns and imitation firearms have been handed in to Lincolnshire Police over the past two weeks, while Leicestershire Police took 123 weapons off members of the public.

All of the weapons were surrendered by members of the public as part of the national campaign to get deadly firearms off the streets.

Police wanted to get their hands on weapons which people had either inherited or found, so they don't fall into the wrong hands.

Among the finds were an antique shotgun, believed to be from the Boer War (1899-1902) and several WW2 pistols; thought to be either weapons held by the home guard or taken as souvenirs after the conflict ended in 1945:

Officers were keen to get rid of fake weapons, which look exactly like real guns but are either novelty items like cigarette lighters or realistic looking air weapons.

They want to emphasize that such imitation firearms could lead to someone putting themselves in danger. Below is a picture of a real gun, next to an imitation pistol which can be legally bought. Can you tell the difference?

While members of the public were able to hand the guns into police without risk of being prosecuted, both forces say they will follow up on any weapons they have which were thought to have been used in crime.

All of the guns seized are likely to be destroyed.

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