Back On The Blog! (again)

Where has the time gone?! I literally cannot believe it's nearly November. We're due a big catch up, apologies for not writing sooner.


BIG CLEAN - So recently I've helped Ann Ellis from Stamford in Bloom with the Big Clean. Keeping Stamford looking beautiful by keeping it tidy. We planted some orange wallflower at the bus station and got rid of dead plants. I need to go back soon and see what else needs to be done. If you'd like to join in just srop Ann and email at


Speaking of gardening... The Priory Road Allotment Association have some allotments free if you fancy having a chat whilst growing your own plants and veg. 


IS ROMANCE DEAD? I've always been a believer that romance is still alive these days, you just have to find the right person. This week my boyfriend and I celebrated our third anniversary and we decided to stay in with a nice dinner. We sat down on the sofa to watch a bit of telly with a glass of wine. Then Alex got up and walked back in with the ironing board. I asked him what he was doing, he replied with "I can still iron and watch the telly"... now I'm contemplating whether romance is dead.


LEAVE IT TO LYDIA - I gatecrashed the Rutland Morris Men's practice evening to have a go at Morris Dancing! Had a lot of fun, although it might not seem it but it's a proper work out! There's a video on our social media if you want to see how I got on. Need help with anything? Let me know


TITANIC THE MUSICAL - Yes there's a musical about it, been running since 1997 and I had no idea. It's coming to the UK next year. Anyone else think this is quite a sad thing to make a musical about? Although I suppose you can't get more depressing then Les Misérables can you?


FRIDAY CHALLENGE - It's back! Rob Persani v Lydia Meredith. First week we had to bake a cake! Rob baked a chocolate brownie cake (was really nice). I attempted a three layered red velvet cake - Lydia's Luxurious Red Velvet Cake (minus the Luxury! My cream cheese frosting failed) It some how resulted in a draw, thank you to the ladies at Walkers Books in Stamford for judging.

This week we had to make the most entertaining announcement over a supermarket tannoy. Oh dear, we hijacked the Oakham Tesco tannoy (thanks again guys) and spread a little cheer to the customers and staff. Rob won, he had music to accompany his song and his little dance won them over so it's 2-1 to Rob. Next challenge is to carve a pumpkin. BRING IT ON!!!

POPPING UP - Rob and I were live at The Farmer's Market last Saturday. I thought it was really lovely to be in the heart of the community with all the local producers. Important to support the local businesses to keep the county thriving.

We're popping up at the Stamford Recreation Ground next Tuesday for my Halloween Party, getting you warmed up for Hallows Eve. We'll have free face painting there with Vikki The Party Lady as well so you can get all spooked up! I'm usually a Halloween scrooge but thought... bring it on! I'm even going pumpkin picking this afternoon!


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