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ONE YOU - As part of Leciestershire and Rutland Sport's "One You Week" Active Rutland hosted a roadshow at Oakham library with various local health experts ranging from nutrition to physiotherapy and from mental health to stopping smoking. I popped along to get advice on being a happy and healthier version of yourself, hear what they had to say in our weekly podcast.

It was also Poverty Action Week where Charity Link (one of the oldest charities, started up in 1876) who help those in poverty or living in hardship across Leicestershire and Rutland.They provide everyday items that the majority of us take for granted, such as clothing, a bed to sleep in, a cooker to prepare a hot meal along with food and essential toiletries. Obviously your donations can make a massive difference to people's lives and allow the charity to keep doing what they do. You may have heard in our news that child poverty rates in the area have been revealed. Find out more in our news ‚Äč


GO GO GO! Last week we started off with Blue Monday and then we hit Wednesday which was apparently the most popular day to give up your resolutions, so I felt like the world has been telling us to lack motivation. But we shouldn't! Let's talk motivational songs... which ones get you going in the morning? The ultimate motivational song for me is Something Happened On The Way To Heaven by Phil Collins, how about yours?

HOLOCAUST MEMORIAL DAY - On Friday we remembered those who lost their lives in not just the Holocaust, but the many genocides that have sadly happened around the world. Starting off with a service at St Michael's Churchyard in Stamford we then headed to the Town Hall to look around the fabulous artwork on display by the local schools (some of which were very moving!) and to watch New College Stamford Performing Arts Students piece "Elena's Story" which portrayed the 1995 Bosnia genocide. Well done to Morgan Gardener, Isobel Middleton, Jessica Croft, Melanie Turner, Jorja Brown and Aaron Dupre-Faulkner. Hear about it in the podcast.

ARE YOU MAKING THE CUT? The cut of plastic out of your life! When you actually think about how much plastic we use, it's going to be tricky to eradicate it all. But little by little it should make a difference, eventually. BBC's Blue Planet II showed how bad plastic is affecting our precious planet so I wanted to know your tips on cutting out plastic. 

Alex Sismey told me about metal straws you can get. I didn't even know they existed! Christine keeps thermal travel mugs in the back of the car for buying coffee on journeys, Ria gets vegetables from the market as they come in brown paper bags and doesn't use shiny wrapping paper at christmas as it's hard to recycle with the little tiny bits of plastic in and Jane reuses plastic bags, water bottles and old glass jars for pickling beetroot.

Loads of ways we can start to cut down on plastic or reuse it.

DICTIONARY CORNER - The word syllabub, what does it meant to you? Random, I know but Rob Wagstaff's son mentioned it to him and Rob had no idea what he was on about. I had no clue either. Do you know what a syllabub is? Well you will in the next few seconds... it's an English sweet frothy drink what was popular in the 16th - 19th centuries and a dessert we still eat today.

GIRL POWER - Cottesmore Military Wives are working on a new project! They headed to Birmingham last weekend to start recording their new album to commemorate 100 years since the end of World War I. You'll be able to buy the album through pledge music later this year.

NEARLY HAD A CAT-ASTROPHE  - Last week I did a bit of cat sitting and I have realised how independent cats really are. They lead a life of their own, I'm sure they're just using humans for food and shelter. If they were able to open those nice cat food tins I'm sure they'd take off and live by themselves. Anyway, the cat I looked after would disappear in the house (I literally checked every room and still couldn't find him) and then reappear a while later and look at me as if to say "oh you're still here". But then the cat would love to have snuggles one moment and then not want to be anywhere near me the next. Major moodswings! I did have a scare though, one of the nights the cat slept on the end of the bed for pretty much the whole night. I got a bit worried as I thought cats would nap for a bit and then move on and sleep somewhere else. I touched him, couldn't feel him breathing and he didn't move. Oh dear. So poked his face... and he woke up. PHEW! What would you do if something happened to the pet you were looking after? Surely you'd have to tell the owners? But would you want to ruin their holiday? 

TAKE THE CAKE -  Olivia and the team at Lamin and White Accountants in Oakham are going to be stuffed with cake this month, as I popped there on my latest cake delivery and six people in the office have January birthdays so cake all round! Boots on Cold Overton Road and Orchard Kitchens also received a bag full of cake from Javawocky at Coppergate in Uppingham recently. If you want some for your team, let me know!

RUNNING IN A WINTER WONDERLAND - Cast your mind back to the start of December and you may remember all the snow we had. It was very cold, snowy and red at Burghley Park, yes red because of the Santa Fun Run! It went ahead despite the weather and lots went along to run it for their charities which was fabulous. But the Burghley Rotary Club held a special meeting the other week to give a special thanks to their sponsors and those who helped set up the event and made sure it went smoothly on the day. Especially to the scouts! They received a cheque for £1,000 for their hard work and it was very much deserved. Setting up the marquees at 7am in about 6 inches of snow, but that didn't put them off as they said they'll be back again this year!

COMING UP - A few things happening next week. The Carers Centre kick off their six week programme at Rutland Community Hub in Oakham on the Thursday 1st February. The sessions are on from 10 - 1, free to go along to and open to any carers! More info in our podcast with Sonia, chair of The Carers Centre. Also it's Big Energy Saving Week so Citizens Advice Stamford have a drop in session on the 1st where you can get advice on your energy bill, where you can save money and comparing providers.

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