Brewing, Paddling and Six Weeks of Summering

BEER WIZARDS!  Thanks to Rory and The Grainstore I got to have a go at brewing one of their beers, Red Kite. As a Leave It To Lydia task I learnt about the process, got to put in the hops and the yeast (the most important part!) I even helped clean the copper, where the beer is brewed which was pretty claustrophobic! There's a video on our social media and you can check out the photos here:




SKEG VEGAS - Took a trip to Skegness at the weekend with some friends that I actually went on holiday with last year. Exactly this time last year and we ended up doing pretty much what we did on holiday in Greece in Skegness. Except it was not as glamourous. We played mini golf and JP's phone flew out of her pocket into the pond separating the holes, has a windy picnic on the beach getting sand in our fish and chips and pedlo-ed on a smelly lake, rather than the beautiful Agean Sea. This is the moment we lost the phone! Very tense, the lads trying to fish it out with a bright pink net.


REGGAE REGGAE CHOCOLATE - Spoke to two legends who were part of the The Virgin Start Up Foodpreneur competition, Levi Roots, he was a judge and James Cadbury the great great great grandson of John Cadbury (founded Cadbury's chocolate) and hear about their memories in our latest podcast on our website.


PADDLE BOARDING - ‚ÄčI think I've found my new favourite sport! Stand Up Paddleboarding! Purely for the fact you're exercising but don't realise it because you're having too much fun admiring the beautiful landscape around the lake. Red Paddle Co at Tallington Lakes had a taster session so I popped down and had a go.

LIFE HACK - If you're like me and you hate the thought of having to get out jogging, I've found a way to motivate yourself! I had an appointment that took half an hour to walk to so I decided to give myself 20 minutes to get there so I had to jog or I'd be late! I take punctuality pretty seriously.



TAKE THE CAKE  - The yummy cakes from Javawocky at Coppergate in Uppingham went to the team at Lands' End in Oakham this week. They were meant for Nicola but she was off poorly so I hope you get better and the office treat you to some cakes like you treated them!



TYPICAL MILLENNIALS - I drove through Empingham and spied a bright fluroscent yellow bag, of course it was the paper boy or girl. This one was a paper boy. Now in my day the paper people walked around or they cycled all weathers but this paper boy he was on a swegway (one of those electric skateboards). What happened to exercising? Next thing you know postmen are going to be ditching their vans for these swegways!


SIX WEEKS OF SUMMER - Rob, producer Ant, Preston the Panther and I broadcasted live from Welland Vale Garden Inspirations, a very pretty place with a pizza oven that cooks the pizzas in 3 minutes. Speedy! We were there for our Six Weeks of Summer Tour and you can next catch us at Burghley Park on Friday 11th having a picnic, so come and join in.


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