Camping vs Glamping


HAPPY FATHER'S DAY - to all dads in Stamford and Rutland! There was so much appreciation for them lot's of mentions throughout Sunday morning show and quite a touching Reflection from Canon Rachel Watts.

LYDIA MEREDITH AND HER MERRY MEN - I was at Castle Bytham Midsummer festival with my merry men Honor and Zofia from our street team. My first time in Castle Bytham and I must say it's very pretty. Lots of people there making the most of the sunshine, including Robin Hood and Maid Marian.

As it was medieval themed, there was a stall where you went in the stocks and people threw wet sponges at you. Something I definitely needed in that heat! Find more photos by clicking on Events and Photo Albums.


LIFE HACKS - ​I heard Sayeh from our Sunday evening show mention that if you use apple cider vinegar on your windscreen  it'll get rid of all the smudges keeps the glare off it. Handy. She also mentioned about trying a hand bag organiser. I'm really bad for keeping my work bag organised I just throw everything in there and then get cross when I can't find my keys. Even though there's a giant pom pom on them. My own fault and it needs to stop. I may need to give this bag organiser a go.

SPORT STARS - Oakham School held the ICC Women's International Cricket Training Sessions on their field. So many pro sports women there from the England, Australia, West Indies and South Africa teams. Also an inspiration to Oakham School's girls cricket team which has been going for only 2 years. GIRL POWER!



BIG Q - Thought this was interesting: What was installed so that soldiers could buy takeaway food, as their base had a regulation stopping anyone in uniform from entering a business establishment? The very first McDonalds Drive Thr window in Sierra Vista, Arizon 1975

COOL POOL - It's been so hot recently and I'd love a jacuzzi or spa to relax in. But if you're on a budget like me then a paddling pool will do. Not just any paddling pool though, one with blow up seats around the perimeter whilst the children, dogs or yourself have a splash in the middle. One problem though. It's completely sold out! No wonder as it's only £30. I'm hoping the supermarket restocks it soon as we have another 2 months of summer to enjoy yet.


SKIPPING WED, THURS, FRI -  as I was away relaxing the in Lincolnshire countryside. I went glamping! My kind of camping. Read my book, went on bike rides and had BBQs. Discovered toasted marshmallows give me bad dreams. I also did something I had never done before... had a wash outside in a bath tub in the ruins. Felt very much with nature.

I very much preferred this to the last time I went camping. It was at Reading Festival in 2013 and I was camping near the walk way so was scared the little trucks that drove along there at night would drive into my tent. I suppose I cant compare the two really as festival camping isn't proper camping. Although I'd love to camp at Glastonbury Festival one year!



Looking forward to the Stamford Festival of Float! I'll be in the parade with the street team and the Rutland Radio-mobile. Rob's also hosting the event so keep an eye out. We're giving out some goodies.

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