Christmas Catch Up

ELFIE - Fancy a festive giggle? Check out all the elfies we received for our Express YoursELF competition... I was so impressed with the creativity! 


FRIDAY CHALLENGE - After 8 weeks of challenges including baking cakes, announcements over a supermarket tannoy and washing cars (on what seemed like the coldest day of the year!) the series is finally over. After all the battles, The Friday Challenge ended on 5 points to Rob, 5 points to me, so it was a draw! We're wiping the slate clean for 2018 for our next set of challenges. Find everything that we did on our Friday Challenge page.


REAL LIFE GUARDIAN ANGELS - Guardian angels do exist and they are found in the form of a Street Pastor. In groups they wander the streets in the cold to help those who's big nights out may not have turned out as they had planned. Carrying silver blankets; lollipops for a sugar boost; flip flops for when high heels hurt and a non judgemental mind, they make sure the vulnerable are going home safely. I had a chat with Lel Nichols from Stamford Street Pastors about her experience as a street pastor which you can find in the weekly podcast and she mentioned they are looking for volunteers. There's more information on their Facebook page.


A DIFFERENT KIND OF ANGEL - Friends of Stamford Methodist Church knitted nearly 400 angels to spread the message of Christmas around Stamford. If you find a little knitted angel you can keep it to put on your Christmas tree. Just take a photo and post on Stamford Methodist Church's Facebook page so they know it's gone to a good home. 


TAKE THE CAKE - Recent cake deliveries include Annie, Michelle and Louise from Welland Vale Garden Inspirations, Sam and Ricky from Knights of Oakham, and the ladies at Langham School Kitchen. Want to treat yourself and your work pals to some free cake from Javawocky at Coppergate in Uppingham? Let me know!


YOUNG STAR AWARDS - For most students this week was the last week of school before Christmas, one of the best weeks of the year knowing won't need to get up and go to school on Monday. But it became an extra special week for a few. All this week Rob and I have been popping up at schools and a Air Cadet Presentation to hand out our Young Star Awards. We wanted to recognise the achievements of the youngsters of the area and thanks to the parents, schools and nominees we were able to surprise them all! Congratulations once again to our winners Seb Constable, Eva Rose Finnemore, Amelia Seymour, Logan Bell and Lottie Pike! The next generation of super stars.


EVEN MORE SUPER STARS - Congratulations to Alex Paske, managing director of Mintridge Events who won the sport category of the Women Of The Future Awards and to Victoria Thomas and Adam Guest from The Eyebrook Gallery in Uppingham who were selected as part of Small Business Saturday and invited to Downing Street to tell them all about Uppingham and Rutland.



MYSTERIES - We have a few local mysteries on our hands, maybe you can solve them...


1) A couple from Cambridgeshire who love to do their shopping in Stamford have a feisty little dog called Molly. But every time they walk past St Mary's Passage in Stamford, Molly freezes. The poor dog is terrified of this passage way and they cannot work out why. The couple are wondering if anyone knows about the history of St Mary's Passage as it may be the reason behind why Molly is so scared of it. 

2) Stamford Hospital have received a christmas card every year for the last 57 years from an old patient. The card is always signed off with “from a grateful patient in 1960 and still going strong."Any idea who this mystery card sender is?

3) Our Mystery Voice is worth £480 on Monday if you can tell us who it is! Find all the wrong guesses so far on our Mystery Voice page.


SEEING IS BELIEVING  - One of England's oldest and widest Oak trees can be found just along the A6121 at Bowthorpe Park Farm near Manthorpe. It's estimated to be over 1,000 years old and has a girth of 12.3 meters. This photo doesn't really do it justice, but the history of the tree is incredible with carvings dating back to 1816. It's also the first time I had done an interview inside the trunk of a tree!

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