Disaster & Kentucky Fried Clothes?



HYPER JAPAN  - Met a couple of famous characters last weekend, Super Mario and Hello Kitty. I took my sister to a Japanese convention for her belated birthday present because she's quite into Japanese culture but i think I may have enjoyed it more than her! There were loads of clothes, characters, jewelry, food and drink and were given this fizzy milk drink that tasted like cream soda and yakult. Weird but not too bad actually. All the ingredients were in Japanese so I had no idea what was actually in there.


GO FISH - Happy 40th Birthday to Rutland Water Fishing Lodge! Nex time you go down there keep an eye out for any big fishes, Chris Tarrant, Bernard Cribbins and Vinnie Jones have all fished there before. 



KENTUCKY FRIED CLOTHES? KFC have bought out their own clothing range! So if you've ever wanted chicken drum sticks on your socks, Colonel Saunders's face on a cushion or a 'finger lickin' good' necklace, well now you can! It's like the Nescafe gold beans phase, remember the advert with the lady wearing the golden bean necklace? Jane in Essendine did and even had a bean necklace. Think I'd rather that than a chicken drumstick.



DISASTER STRIKES - The Rutland Radio kitchen was in trouble, somehow I had frazzled my jacket potato in there. Lots of smoke occurred, I thought 10 mins was the right amount of time for a spud in the mic? Obviously not with this one! Now the kitchen smells like burnt potato.

CHOW CHOW - Saw online that a russian man conned tourists out of money by dyeing his chow chow black and white and said it was a panda cub so people would pay to have photos with it, which is ridiculous, I'm sure people can tell the difference between a dog and a panda but obviously not. There's a chow chow at the car wash on the A6121 which I adore. Jane got in touch and said it's called Simba! So keep an eye out for Simba when you're on the A6121.

TAKE THE CAKE - I went to deliver cakes to Sarah Marvin at Oakham C of E Primary School but she was in the leaver's assembly so I left them in reception with Shirley. Enjoy!



LEAVE IT TO LYDIA - I had a go at being a beer wizard at The Grainstore, Oakham. Sounds fun, you can hear more on Monday.

RUTLAND RADIO ON TOUR - Six weeks of summer is back! We're doing a mini tour of Stamford and Rutland popping along to a different location each Friday of the six weeks holidays. Catch Rob Persani, Sayeh Stone, from our Sunday evening show and Ant the producer at Tallington Lakes on Friday 28th.

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