Stormy weather and Ice Cream in July - what a contrast!


BRUM BRUM - I gatecrashed the lads day out and went to Baston Car show with my boyfriend Alex and our mate Matt. Saw the most random Fiat 500, the cutest pick up truck ever. Had to listen to lots of cars revving their engines, it's just noise to me.

MUCH ADO ABOUT PICNIC-ING - I finally went to see a Stamford Shakespeare Co play at Tolethorpe Hall and it was fantastic. I saw Much Ado About Nothing - more like Much Ado About Laughing, such a funny adaption. The set is just gorgeous and it's in my top picnic hot spots in the area now.




If you're off to Wimbledon this year, I've got the dos and don'ts of the event!

I like to end on a positive note so let's do the WIMBLEDONTS

- Don't take a selfie stick as they are banned

- If you're taking a I heart Andy Murray sign - can't be more than 2 ft square

- Don't go to The Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Club - the wrong wimbledon so make sure you've mapped out your journey


- Take some snacks - dread to think how much those strawberries and cream cost and bottles of water

- Do take extra cash as you'll have to pay to watch those huge tv screens

- Do take a sun hat, sun cream AND a rain poncho - can't trust the weather

P.S Forgot to say take a fly swat... incase there's another swarm of flying ants!



KETCHUP - What's your take on ketchup? I've always been more of a brown sauce or mayo kind of gal. But I thought our Big Question was pretty interesting:

What was ketchup marketed as in the 1800s? It was marketed as medicine! Imagine putting ketchup on a wound or drinking it for a sore throat, ew!

ROAD SAFETY - Road safety in Rutland is very important, especially as there aren't any static speed cameras and there's loads of windy country roads. There was a road safety roadshow on Tesco's carpark in Oakham and I got a few nice freebies and advice on taking care on the road.

THESE BOOTS ARE MADE FOR WALKING -  The Macmillan walkers popped in on their route. They're walking from Boston to Dorset which is 297 miles! They're doing it over 23 days raise money for two MacMillan nurses and they've raised over £14,000. They also mentioned a nice stranger in Empingham put her car window down and donated £10, well done you!



TAKE THE CAKE - Delivered cake to Applewood Vehicle Finance today meant for Felicity - but she was off so Rob and Mark have had to gobble them all up themselves. is the place to go if you want some free cake from Javawocky at Coppergate, Uppingham.

EAGLE - Thought I spotted an eagle near Essendine. It was brown with white on it's tail and a yellow beak. It looked pretty angry, like eagles do and was big. It also looked so gracious when it swooped across the road. Although I may have mistaken it for a buzzard, as they are much more common. Will have to keep an eye out!



STORM - How bad was the storm?! Especially in Oakham, flooding and hail stones the size of golf balls. I felt a bit mean because before the storm happened, the neighbour's cat strutted into my house through the back door. Sneaky. So I put it back outside and then the storm started. Hope the poor little kitty ran home for shelter!

ICE CREAM - I ATE 3 ICE CREAMS IN ONE DAY! But I can explain... I was being an ice cream man for a Leave It To Lydia task so I had to test the ice cream before I served it, for the benefit of the customer of course. Not mine at all... Anyway, hear more about that on Tuesday afternoon. My third ice cream was because Rob Wagstaff treated the office to ice cream and I didn't want to be left out!

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