Monkeying, Horseing and Panthering around


REMINISCING - Only a 4 day week for me (well 5 rather than 6 if you include the Saturday show) because I went back to my university city, the wonderful Nottingham to see my old house mate Linds. For some reason there's loads of new pudding places in the city now like we need that temptation, but Linds and I stuck to our old favourite for lunch and a sweet treat.

CELEBRATE! - Christ Church threw a big celebration at the weekend on Bluecoat Primary's field and also inside the church. They wanted to know how else they could serve the community so if you have any feedback let them know!

MEOW - International Cat Day, big up all the cats in Stamford and Rutland. Especially the cute little ginger cat that adventures around the estate I live on and always pops over for a bit of fuss.



RETURN OF SUN HILL - Remember The Bill? It's coming back on the telly, all 2,421 episodes will be broadcast again after seven years of it not being on so I'll be keeping an eye out for it on the tv guide and Smithy. He was my favourite. Probably my first crush.

DOG SITTINGI finally understand how people can get a little crazy after having a baby - by crazy I mean sleep deprived. I'm looking after some friends' dogs at the moment, a wolf hound and a deer hound, I'm only 5 ft 3 and their backs come up to my hip! They were a bit unsettled in the night so kept me up in the night. Thank goodness I only have them until Friday!



TAKE THE CAKE - Popped to Moshulu on Stamford High St (great name for a store) and gave the cakes to Deborah, who will save some for Katherine who applied but was out on a course. At least Katherine has a nice treat to come back to! If you want some:



SIX WEEKS OF SUMMER - LATEST STOP! Burghley Park, we pitched our tent by the Garden of Surprises (which was surprisingly a lot prettier than I expected) broadcasted live and met all the lovely people picnicing there. I got Rob and Sayeh to go head to head and guess what was in Lydia's Lunchbox. A say what you feel sort of challenge and another surprise they both got all their items guessed correctly! Lots of fun in the sun and our next stop is at Rutland Water Sykes Lane! More photos here:


MONKEYING AROUND - For my latest Leave It To Lydia task I became the third chimp at Two Chimps in Oakham and had a go at roasting coffee. Learnt all about the process, helped measure and pack the coffee as well so very interesting. I found out coffee pops like popcorn when it's reached it's light roast temperature, Two Chimps roast their coffee all manually using sensory milestones (at one point coffee smells like grass and another it smells like baked bread) and depending on the type of bean and how long it's roasted for can change the flavour from citrusy to chocolatey! Hear it again on our podcast.

HORSING AROUND - Burghley Horse Trials isn't too far away, it's on 31st August, 1st and 2nd September this year. I got to have a sneaky peak at the course, went around in a new Land Rover Discovery (wouldn't expect anything less from Burghley to be honest) and got to chat to Captain Mark Phillips about the course as he designed it and has been designing it for many years. Hear from Liz Inman the Event Director and Richard Jones, a local rider who's taking part in the trials this year on Monday.


Steam Engines will be passing and pausing on Harringworth Viaduct at 12pm today and you can learn all about it's history at Harringworth Village Hall.

Also I have my family and family friends coming over to check out our wonderful area. There will be 11 of us and I don't have 11 chairs in the house! Wish me luck

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