Sailing, Sunshine & Superstars


SAIL AWAY -  Any chance to get out on the water I am there. Rutland Sailing Club had their open day and I went out in a keel boat. Fancied the dart catamaran until the nice lady told me I'd get soaked and didn't think that was a good idea when I was reporting back to Rob live from the water for the sake of the technology. May need to invest in a waterproof microphone.


FREDDIE & AMOS - Freddie, who's 7 years old organised a charity afternoon for Animal Helpline Rescue Centre of Wansford. It was part of his "I wonder" homework and he wondered how much money he could raise for charity. So here's his answer, he raised £412 in total and you can still donate on his Just Giving page.

FOOD GLORIOUS FOOD - Lots of yummy food at the Stamford Food festival on the meadows. They even sold Gin & Tonic ice cream. I'm a fan of gin but not tonic so passed.



SUNDAY MORNING WITH ME! -  David Ross is away so I'm looking after the Sunday morning show. I'm not used to working Sunday mornings! Good job I'm on the radio as no one can see you. No make up, hair pulled back, first things out the wardrobe I shoved on.

Then realised I had bright patterned star socks on could see them above my shoes. Good job I wasn't popping into town afterwards!

ROASTING - Literally... I was roasting on Sunday, so hot! My boyfriend Alex made a roast dinner but I didn't have the heart to say I didn't fancy it. (Even though roasts are my favourite) Glad I kept my mouth shut because it was brilliant.



MEN'S HEALTH WEEK - I spoke to Paul Joseph co founder of Health Fitness and Travel about belly fat for Men's Health Week. He says if you BMI is over 25 you're overweight. You can easily check online. Hear more from Paul on The Surgery this Monday at 12:30pm.


DREAM LINE UP? I asked you what your dream line up would be for Icons of The 80s...

Jane Stilwell said Madonna Elton john & Clif Richard

Rachel Persani ABC, @kylieminogue & Bros

Sherryl Edwards Spandau ballet, culture club and duran duran

I'd go Bon Jovi, Phil Collins and Billy Ocean



MEXICAN MONDAY - I never know what to have for tea, so thought about doing Mexican Monday. Then at least Monday's dinner is sorted. This idea came to me about 3 weeks ago and I finally had my first Mexican Monday. Tacos!

This lead to Taco Tuesday, left overs for my lunch. Except i put the dips on too early and they were soggy. :(

PLAY DOH - Discovered play doh was first used to clean wallpapers in the 1930s. I'd use it, I love the smell of play doh. Anyone know where I could get a play doh scented candle?



LOSING THINGS - Do you tend to forget where you put things? I'm awful for losing my keys. I'll put them down before I go out then quickly wash up my cereal bowl and instantly forget where I put them. My brain is like a sieve. So to solve this I have a massive pom pom on my keys. Not many places I can lose a giant turquoise pom pom. Or are there?


OAKHAM HIGH ST - Rutland County Council were in Market Place showing off the new plans for the High Street and giving out info. The outdoor exhibition will be in Market Place next Friday 23rd between 8am - 5pm where you can have your say. The consultation lasts until 7th July.

OFFICE TALK - You can tell you've reached adult hood when your chatting about your washing lines in the office. Had the task of untangling mine with my boyfriend, Alex. Took us a good 15 minutes. Rob P says he has a 3 armed one which works well. Elaine our sales lady would love a long line with a prop but isn't allowed one.




TAKE THE CAKE - Visited the British Heart Foundation in Stamford. Thanks to Claire for applying for the cakes from Javawocky at Coppergate Uppingham.

If you want cake:


CARERS WEEK - Jacqui Darlington a volunteer for Carers UK and Healthwatch Rutland were visiting lots of surgeries in the area including Uppingham, Market Overton and Somerby giving advice and info on caring. If you missed them and have any queries -



CYCLE CIRCUITS - Rutland County Council staff were cycling and walking 30 miles around Rutland Water to raise money to send the Rutland Conquerors to the Special Olympics. It costs about £400 for each team member to go and thanks to the Rutland County Council they raised £1375. If you want to donate search for Rutland Conquerors on


PICNIC HOTSPOTS - It's National Picnic week starting Friday so I wanted to know your favourite places to picnic in Stamford and Rutland.

Personally I like the Hambleton peninsular near the water because it's very peaceful and by Normaton Church. Also Oakham Castle, as you have the choie to sit on the grass or on the bench. Although there's only 2 benches so you better get there early if you want one. Joe from Oakham Police and Clare Sansome Miller likes the beach at Rutland Water. Alex Sismey prefers Burghley Park.



RISING STARS - Went to the Open Mic Night at Cellar Bar in Stamford Arts Centre. Was blown away by Tabi, she's only 14 years old and has a beautiful voice. Look out for her on The Voice Kids on Saturday 1st July

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