A Rainbow Week - Red Poppies, Purple Crocus and Golden Slumbers

BONFIRE - Got to a Bonfire up Grantham way with some friends last weekend. Still enthused by sparklers, they never get old! I did learn something, don't park closest to the action because then you have to queue for ages to get out. I'm walking next year.

A DASH OF PURPLE -  Rotary Club of Stamford and Burghley were planting purple crocus along Bath Row in Stamford raising awareness of the Purple For Polio campaign. The clubs donate to the charity all year round and even though polio has been eradicated from most countries, it's still a problem in a few. So we'll see about 4,000 blossom at St Michael's Chruch in February and along Bath Row.

Whilst we're on the subject of flowers I think these poppies scattered around Rutland have looked so lovely over the past couple of weeks. Hopefully this will happen again for next year's remembrance.


JOINING FORCES - Age UK have launched a new project called Joining Forces to help the older veterans. Catch an interview in our podcast and if you'd like to help  you can drop an email joining forces @ageukleics.org.uk or call 0116 2614 606

TWO HUNDRED AND EIGHTY! - If you're on the Twittersphere you may have noticed that we have about 280 characters to get a message out rather than 140 now. It's handy as I'd have to rewrite my tweet about 3 times trying to work out what to drop, what to type instead, is that emoji really worth 1 character? But now we can type away to our hearts content (well in 280 characters). Don't you think that was the whole point of twitter though, short, simple, snappy? It made you think and now we don't have that satisfaction when we finally got out our message in 140 characters.

COS I'M 'APPY - Local man Steve McIlroy from Oakham has been involved in creating an app, the first of it's kind called The Farewell Note. It took the team 2 years to develop it and it was inspired by Steve being in the armed forces. It's a way to keep memories of a loved one through technology and you can hear all about it in the podcast.

ROAD TO NOWHERE - I think I've spotted the most vague sign in Oakham. Here it is... pointing to the right - all other directions. What do you mean all other directions?! I doesn't even make sense!

TAKE THE CAKE - Cake at Rainbows Childcare in Exton! Shame it wasn't actually rainbow but I hope you enjoyed your cakes Tara and Beth. They've got a coffee break coming up on Tuesday so listen out for their picks. Two things to tell you know, if you'd like a coffee break, 3 of your favourite songs on Rutland Radio then head to Rob Persani's page (after you've finished reading this) and if you'd like cake.... http://www.rutlandradio.co.uk/features/take-the-cake1/

GOLDEN SLUMBERS - So it happened this week...  a particular department store released their Christmas advert, the one we look forward to each year. This time it's all about Moz the monster from under the bed. I feel we've hyped it up a bit too much now because I haven't been satisfied with the advert the last couple of years, in my eyes nothing can beat The Bear and The Hare. Although they always get the music right. It's Elbow covering The Beatles' Golden Slumbers from their Abbey Road album.Great song, alright advert.


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