Back to school...sooner or later

I feel for parents who have two children at separate schools, especially if they are over the county borders and have different holiday weeks off.  That's been the case for years, but is it me or have summer holidays become much more fluid this year?  Having broken up a week earlier then most other Rutland schools, Catmose and Harrington returned a day early on Wednesday 30th August.  Then the official Rutland start of term saw Uppingham Community College and most other primary schools go back, with the exception of Brooke Hill, which started back on Monday 4th September, the same date as Oakham and Stamford Endowed Schools.  Then Tuesday has seen St Georges, St Gilberts, Copthill, Uffington, and Wittering go back, with Malcolm Sargent and Barnack reopening to children on Wednesday 6th September.  That's over a week's difference between them all!

STAMFORD UNIVERSITY TOWN - a chance to see the New College Stamford parade through town after their reception and before their service this Wednesday afternoon.  Although affiliated with universities, it's not a graduation as such, but few would know the difference and I personally love seeing it.

DOWN YOUR STREET - Barnack this week


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