Do you use our buses?

When it became apparent the 747 Uppingham to Leicester bus was under threat, Uppingham Town Council led a campaign to save it, the Deputy Mayor Stephen Rozak even spent a week travelling on it, talking to passengers and finding out who used it, and how many passengers it has.  After an agreed £40,000 subsidy through the support of Rutland & Leicestershire County Councils and the Parish Councils along the route, it's now set for profitablity after a small fair increase and only going as far into the city as the bus station, so it doesn't get clogged up in Leicester traffic.  If passenger numbers remain the same, it's now commercially viable.

WALKS ON TV - Rutland's Julia Bradbury was on the show talking about tonight's ITV show she's hosting with Ore Oduba - the Nation's Top 100 walks.  You'll be able to look at each walk online via www, and try it for yourself.  It's on ITV at 7.30pm

CHICKEN WASTE - we're so wary of poultry we're more likely to throw a chicken away on the last day in the fridge, whereas you can freeze it on the last use by date, and keep it for a year before defrosting and cooking it

TOMORROW - Jimmy talks about walking 1000 miles in Rutland for MIND, the mental health charity

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