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FAVOURITE GARDEN BIRD - on the last day of the RSPB's Big Garden Birdwatch (spend an hour recording the maximum number of each species you see in each sighting), our favourites in Stamford and Rutland are: Robin 46%, Great or long tailed tit 32%, Blackbird 16% and Sparrow 5%.  The house sparrow was last year the most likely bird you'd see in your garden according to the RSPb survey on Rutland gardens, around 500 took part.

SNOWDROPS, DAFFODILS AND MISTLETOE - saw loads of mistletoe in the trees yesterday at Burghley, and we had a picture of Daffodils in full flower in Rutland sent to us last Friday.  Anyone got Snowdrops and Daffodils next to each other in the garden at the moment?  Amanda from Exton has

BEAUTIFUL SKY THIS MORNING - more red and orange colours

NEW RUTLAND WATER RESERVE MANAGER - first time I met him was last Friday, Dr Mat Cottam is from Staffordshire, and has worked in conservation since University, spending 10 years in the Cayman Islands.  He replaced Tim Appleton 12 months ago, Tim was at the Reserve before their was water 42 years ago, and planted many of the trees in the woodland, he's still around co-organising Birdfair

WHITE WEDDING - a sign pointing to Barnsdale Hall went up on Saturday, and still there today.  Reminds me of a Billy Idol song...hope you had a great time if you were there, and congrats to the Whites!

TOMORROW - do you travel by bus?  Uppingham Town, Parish and County Councils across Rutland and Leicestershire have worked to safeguard the 747's future, it needs people to use it though.  We hear more tomorrow morning


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