Parking up in Rutland

On Monday, Rutland County Council is raising parking charges in our towns, to a standard rate of 80p per hour.  It's currently 60p an hour in Oakham, and 40p in Uppingham.  You might remember just two years ago Uppingham Town Council were subsidising the parking, so it continued to be at 20p after locals protested at the latest increase.  Rutland County Council says the new standard charge will enable people to go between the car parks across the towns, they also have a season ticket starting at £432 which if you divide it by 48 weeks, and 5 days, works out at £1.80 per day, so quite a saving.  But how much is too much to pay to park in a market town?  I had lots of comments this morning, people fearing it would drive even more trade to towns where it's cheaper (and easier) to park, like Corby and Bourne.  I think plenty of free parking is the best gift you can give to any town centre, after reasonable rents to encourage business.  With rents I'm told are too high, only just enough spaces, particularly on market day, and now higher charges to park, is this really the way to treat the towns?

Actor Larry Lamb was on the show today, talking about the importance of taking a full course of medication.  He went to Senegal (West Africa) where the Rutland Ospreys migrate to, and on returning only took tablets for malaria for 2 out of 8 days he was supposed to.  He then got ill, and ended up losing 80% of the hearing in his right ear, he feels very lucky to have got off that lightly.

Mystery voice is now worth £120, there's another round with Lydia after 5pm.  If it's not guessed, then £130 tomorrow with me after 8am

Schooltalk - all this week with the Year 4s from Leighfield Primary, the children continue until the end of term with more clues to people, places and objects.  Every weekday at 7.40am.

Down Your Street - every Wednesday afternoon, tomorrow I'm at the Oakham Enterprise Park

Oakham Festival - starts tomorrow lunchtime with a free concert at All Saints Church, and a Crime & Punishment Tour in the evening for £2.50.  Other events include Carry On At The Castle on Friday night (an original, radio style play performed in front of an audience), a history of organ and church music on Saturday at 1pm at All Saints, Proms In The Park on Saturday evening in Cutts Close, Rutland Sinfonia on Sunday afternoon in Oakham School Chapel and Threads - an original physical theatre piece at 7pm on Sunday in Oakham's Queen Elizabeth Theatre.  Tickets are available for all these, and most other events, via Rutland Toy & Dance Boutique on the High Street and Oakham Castle, and via

Wednesday at 7.50am - Stamford Mum Sally Bunkham joins me.  She's been on TV talking about a national campaign which is making sure Mums gets asked about their health on the six week check and beyond, after having a baby.  Sally talks about her experience of having two young children born a year apart, and what happened to her when her second baby girl became ill, seemed to cry constantly, and left her and her husband with very little sleep.

Flying Scotsman - it's coming through our area on Saturday morning, and stopping in Stamford for the first time.  I'll be there too.  Timings are being kept secret from everyone apart from the passengers, presumably to avoid crowds and for security and safety.  It'll then pass through Oakham and go on to Melton.


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