Thunder and a Rumble

WE THOUGHT IT WAS THUNDER - after all the storms on Friday and over the weekend, it was easy to put the rumble felt in Langham, Oakham, Barleythorpe and Braunston-in-Rutland down to that.  But late on Sunday afternoon it was confirmed by the BGS that a 1.3 magnitude tremor, about 2km below the surface was the cause.

TALKING OF THE WEATHER - saw lots doing the Ride & Stride around Rutland on Saturday, and I'm sure everyone that was out for any length of time must have got wet, as the weather turned in the afternoon.  A team of 3 aimed to visit all 64 churches by 6pm, and managed it in 8 hours, not including their lunch break!  Ben Findlay, Geoff Beetham and Ryan Henry cycled over 110 miles, doing the hardest hills earlier in the day, starting at Belton, onto Tixover and finishing at Ketton.

FOUNDER OF RUTLAND AIR CADETS PASSES AWAY - Flt Lt George Kirk, who we spoke to so much over the years, started the Rutland Air Cadets in 1951 after flying fighter planes in World War 2.  He also turned out for every parade, lighting the V for Victory flaming gas beacon at Oakham Castle back in May 2015, where I last saw him.  He was 95, and last year the Rutland Air Cadets took him to Duxford Air Museum to say thank you for his years of hard work.  Very well deserved, a lovely and dedicated man who will be sorely missed.

BAKE OFF IS FINE ON THE OTHER CHANNEL - 96% of those who voted on our Something For The Weekend survey said Bake Off is the same show as it was on BBC1 now it's on Channel 4 with three new hosts.

EDITH WESTON GET A TASTE OF LITTLE MIX - their Dance Captain, who's also a backing dancer on tour with them, popped to the school last Thursday to give them an insight into his career, and a few dance moves.




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