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I have stopped putting shiny coins in ticket machines. I’m guessing the mechanism doesn’t like them or they are counterfeit.

Those who make fake money obviously have no idea of the consequences. In this case, it’s me standing in a dark wet wind-swept car part in the middle of Oakham, early in the morning, ramming a pound coin in the machine repeatedly. 

How good would the CCTV be? Putting coin after coin in the slot, that and trying to reverse part between two white lines with no cars either side of me. I’ve said it before - I have lost the ability to park. I am OK at parallel parking but that is only because of the reverse parking sensors.

Which gadget on your car can you not live without? Sat nav, heated seats, heated mirrors, sensors, rain-activated wipers? I remember the day when demister rear screens and even radios were added extras!

Would you pay £70 for a pedal bin?

I asked someone for directions and they started off by saying ‘OK - turn right’ but pointed left. I interrupted them and said ‘do mean left and they shook their head and said ‘yes sorry, left’. They instructed me to turn left further down the street but pointed right. Anyway I found where I was looking for…..thanks. 

I cannot be the only one who cannot switch from a current call to an incoming one on their phone.

I read an article called ‘You are what your food eats’. Luckily for me I won’t panic and go out and by all stuff the piece recommends.

We are in two minds about saying to some friends and relatives ‘do you want to knock Christmas presents on the head this year?’ It’s no good doing it in October or November, if you are going to do it, now is the time.

It was like a scene from a sitcom. My son was in the bathroom with a towel around his waist and he could not open the door. Anyway, I wandered up the stairs, tried the handle and nothing! The door wouldn’t open. I got my toolbox and took the door handle off and tried to turn the mechanism and it wouldn’t move. I was there for about 15 minutes, my son was freezing and he had a train to catch! Eventually I found the biggest screwdriver I had and jemmied the door open.

Is Live at the Apollo becoming the new Friends? It’s always on repeat.

Have you played Words with Friends? It’s been out since 2009 but I have only just found it. Basically it’s Scrabble and you can invite players via Facebook. I’m a bit hooked, which is something because I detest playing games. I just played my son who had three other games on the go and he beat me.

Would you ever drive with a dog on your lap? Two people I saw on Sunday did. In one case, the dog was hanging out the driver’s side window! Why would you do that?

How low do you let your battery go before recharging your phone? Between 2% and 10% I’m guessing. My friend says his mum usually panics at about 80%.

How desperate are some people for a smoke? I watched two people with a glass of white wine each, sitting in their coats, wrapped in blankets at a table on the pavement, puffing away.

There’s nothing finer on a picnic than the tinkling sound of a broken flask.

I just finished a long document and pressed “Don’t Save”. Why would anyone do that?

I am loving the lighter mornings and cannot wait for sunset to get past six o’clock. Today it’s 17.35pm but it seems to be taking an age, probably because I check every day!

Have you ever taken some advice that turned out not to be the best thing you ever did? I remember my gran telling my mum that vinegar was brilliant for wood, so she used it on the table and chairs and the smell lasted for weeks.

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