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Last week I said, this doesn't keep me awake at night but I've always wondered if a pair of twins are born either side of midnight, do they have separate birthdays? Well my friend sent me this: Jaelyn and Luis will have to put down different dates on their birth certificates despite them being the same in almost every other way. Jaelyn was born in the final seconds of 2015 after her mother Maribel Valencia was rushed to hospital in San Diego, California. Her younger brother Luis arrived two minutes later in 2016.

I am resisting the temptation to get fed up with this stretch of dark mornings and nights which seems to go on forever…..well, until February/March. Sun-up wasn’t until 8.06am today and sunset was at 4.17pm.

How about this? Residents of Barrow, the northernmost town in Alaska, don't see the sun for 67 days come the winter although they enjoy the midnight sun all summer - over 80 days of uninterrupted daylight.

Tips for dealing with the longer days apparently include altering one's behaviour, getting outdoors for lunch or taking a walk during your break — just getting some sunlight. Leaving window coverings open if practical to let in as much light as possible and embrace the season. Plan for more contemplative time; enjoying the slower pace instead of fighting it or feeling guilty for wanting to do less.

So I am in the checkout queue and two woman in front of me are chatting away when one said ‘I cannot believe a shop this big doesn’t stock them’. I wanted to tap her on the shoulder and ask what she was talking about. My wife would have done.

Apparently the lighter the fruit, the more sugar it contains and yes, we know sugar is bad for us!!

Who is in charge of the finances in your house? You, your partner or is it a joint venture?

I have ordered a new bank card because mine doesn’t do that contactless thing anymore. Is that pathetic? It’s only takes a second or two to put the PIN in.

This may be harsh but it needs saying…..some people cannot make a drink! Let me clarify that by saying the biggest problem is that some people only give you half a cup. Why? Do they get bored half way through pouring it out? If you run out of water just re-boil the kettle.

Have you been looking for the space station? I think it appears at various times in the south east.

Many years ago I was walking my dog at about 4.30am (I must have been presenting the breakfast show that day or something) and it was a clear morning. All of a suddenly, silently and slowly, a big (and I mean big) oblong shape moved across the sky and I assumed it was the Mir Space Station. Looking back now it would have only just been above the atmosphere so who knows? 

Let me get this right, red wine isn’t necessarily good for the heart? Bizarrely enough, if I have this correct, two glasses per week for females over 55 could be beneficial. How random? Two glasses for a 55 year-old called Mary who lives in Southend-on-Sea.

I cannot put passwords in! They seldom work for me. Even if it’s correct and I do the upper/lower case thingy, chances are I’ll get an error message.

We are debating whether to get the box-set of Downton. Is it worth it? I cannot see where we will get the time to watch it although, and this is a pretty good idea, my wife suggests we watch an episode every Sunday evening…..for the next 2 years!

Here are a couple of new buzz phrases I’ve heard already this year, ‘upstream’ meaning something in the future and ‘bottomed it’, which apparently means something has been done.

I really don't know what I'm thinking sometimes. I was waiting in the barbers and a someone who I didn't know, got up to leave and said goodbye and it was all I could do not to say '.....yes see you!' He was a total stranger.

That's annoying when you get a big slice of bread that sticks out of the toaster and although you turn it upside down and put it back in the machine, you can never quite get the top bit toasted as much as the rest of the bread.

My wife still says Poll Tax. When do you think it became the Council Tax? It was 1993. She has been calling it by the wrong name for over twenty years! Still we all call things by their old name. I can imagine in years to come my son talking about his smart phone and his children calling him “grandad”.

Apparently only 25% of us know our own mobile number! I can believe it. I have no idea what my number is or anyone else’s for that matter. Seriously, I only know my landline number.

I took a pizza voucher off the magnetic clip on the fridge and found it was nearly two years out of date.

I am told I am a nightmare to shop with. I bought a pair of shoes I don’t particularly like but they are black and fit and I could not be bothered to shop around. Now I have a pair of trousers (34” waist – 31” leg) that I didn’t even try on but they fit perfectly. 

Why do I never make a note of my car’s tyre pressures? I never remember where they are in the manual and above all else I hate putting air in – that and any other simple car maintenance. For the record it’s 29 psi back and front.

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