John Marshall

John Marshall was born in Lincoln County Hospital on 20th May 1971 to his jubilant mother Joan, who was sadly to never regain her figure after childbirth. John’s father Dave was also delighted at the news of his first born arriving in the world, so much so that the moment he finished his third pint he left the pub, called at the betting shop and then made his way straight to the hospital.

After being educated locally right up to O’level standard John entered the world of work with his first job, working in the computer department of a local horticultural firm. Twelve years, lots of night’s DJ’ing in dodgy nightclubs and lots of begging letters later. John’s first show was awful, mistake followed mistake as nerves took a hold and overall the show was simply shocking; but not as shocking as what would happen the following weekend......

.... John arrived at the studio to discover .... his key still worked! Yes, someone had, unbelievably, decided to give him a second chance! Were these people crazy, desperate or by some miracle did they see some potential in the new recruit? We may never know the answer to that question but we do know that John was allowed to continue with the show


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