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  • Help create Katie Cardew's Rutland Map

    Wednesday, June 27th, 2018 10:25am

    Local award-winning illustrator Katie Cardew has drawn a Stamford map, a World map, a Glastonbury map, and now it's Rutland's turn.  Here is the basic outline, what do you think should be on it?  E-mail your suggestions to

    Some suggestions we've had so far phoned in:

    Whissendine Windmill
    The main gates at Exton Park
    Fort Henry
    Exton Church monuments
    The old well at Ashwell
    Langham Church
    Barnsdale Gardens and Geoff Hamilton
    Wild Orchids in Casterton Quarry
    Swooning Bridge on Uppingham Rd Oakham - many tears shed at the hangings
    Barleythorpe Church
    Egleton Church
    Market Overton buttercross
    Braunston Church and the fertility stone
    Jacob's Well in Greetham, just off Main Street onto Church Lane
    Oakham Signal Box
    Oakham Castle

    and more on social media

    Bugtopia Zoo
    Uppingham Church
    Normanton Church
    Jeffrey Hudson
    Rocks By Rail

    Rutland Radio of course
    Rutland Mercury (oldest paper)
    Oakham School
    Town Pump
    Burley House
    Jeffrey Hudson
    Bede House
    Etc etc
    Celebrate volunteers in some way?? This county depends on them
    Ram Jam Inn. Been a stopover point for travellers for many many years regardless of its current state
    How about harrier jump jets or tornados or other jets connected to RAF Cottesmore or Luffenham
    The famous Rutland belle
    A horseshoe! It is Rutland’s emblem!
    Barrowden Community Shop
    Public access defibrillator
    The ice cream van  at Rutland water next to Normanton church
    Burley On The Hill 
    Rutland Sailability/Rutland Sailing Club
    Bede House, Lyddington
    Oakham Canal
    Wing Maze
    Uppingham Community College
    The Eco House at Whitwell



  • Spring Has Sprung But Will It Stop With The Snow?

    Tuesday, March 13th, 2018 5:03pm

    As the mild weather continues, it would be easy to assume we're on our way into a similar swathe of weather.  The weekend looks like turning colder with more snow showers though.  Shirley from Cottesmore told me an old saying her Gran said - if the snow stays around, it means there's more on the way to wash the first lot away...we shall soon see if that's true.  Surprising though how long the snow has stayed on the fields and verges, despite the milder weather and the rain, which itself has caused some roads to flood.

    WORLD BOOK DAY - after many schools were closed on 1st March, celebrations of books and dressing up has been scattered over a number of days recently.  Lydia went to Oakham C of E lasT Thursday, I went to Malcolm Sargent, and then Uppingham C of E the next day, along with English Martyrs for the opening of their 3g pitch.  Great Casterton yesterday, along with meeting Ketton children at the lent lunch.

    THE ROYAL WEDDING, WOULD YOU GO IF INVITED?  I would, surprising only 58% of our weekend vote agreed with me, I genuinely thought it would be higher.  Just imagine being invited to the's rumoured Ed Sheeran will be performing, at the very least.

    FOR RUTLAND GOOD & NEW SALE - despite the snowy weekend at the beginning of March meaning takings were sure to be down on previous years, the 51st annual event raised a magnificent £25,000, which forms around half of For Rutland's takings in the year.  Other events to come include a Bridge afternoon at the Showground in April, Ride For Rutland at Exton Park in early May, and of course the Rutland Show bottle tombola in Early June.

    SIGNS OF SPRING - I asked you what marks the season for you.  From spring lambs, to snowdrops, daffodils and bluebells, plus the first ice cream van of the season - Dave noticed one on Saturday, we had one in our neighbourhood over the weekend too.  For me in Rutland, the first returning Osprey is a big sign that Spring has Sprung.  Maya arrived five days earlier than expected on 12th March, a satellite tracked osprey is currently travelling 300km a day to make it back here from Senegal.  It's hoped all eight breeding pairs return to the Reserve in the next few weeks.  Hear more on Wednesday morning after 7, with the new Osprey Project Officer Anya Wicikowski.

    ARCHIE'S ANGELS - Sarah from Oakham formed a charity making boxes for parents of premature babies at the Peterborough neonatal unit, hear more at 7.50 on Wednesday morning.

  • Snow and Ice

    Tuesday, February 27th, 2018 2:51pm


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